3 Astonishing Benefits of an Emotional Healing Decision

 Emotional healing is not a quick journey but an intentional journey of discovering the inner self and the emotional system of our soul. There are areas in our lives where healing must take place if we are to live fruitfully. Some of us need physical healing or mental healing but I would say, a great number of human beings need to be healed emotionally. It’s important to know how emotionally healthy we are, as this knowledge will help us to navigate life’s changes and hiccups that tend to arise often unannounced. Our emotional health is vital for a stable life whether in job losses, friendship breakups, marital issues, etc.

How you and I cope in seemly simple or harsh realities tells a lot about our emotional state of mind. Therefore deciding to heal emotionally is the best thing we can do for ourselves and others around us.

The 3 benefits of healing emotionally for me are as follows:  firstly, as I let go of the hurt and pain I held on to for years I became a happier person. Secondly, the weight that had accumulated over the years began to melt away with very little effort on my part. Thirdly, I learned the situations and words that triggered emotional breakdowns and set boundaries to counter these triggers.

3 years of doing the work necessary for me. Not to make others happy but just for me. Emotional healing is the best! I have learned to set healthy boundaries for myself and also to avoid the triggers. 3 years of getting reacquainted with who I am, while facing the truth and deciding daily to heal. 

3 years ago I wrote about my life and many questioned why I put myself out there. Heck, I questioned it. But writing that book Caged: Your Scars His Purpose is how God helped me!

He showed me myself. My faults, my fears, my love, my pain. He showed me my weakness, my strength, and the things that made me unique! So I would write my book a million times over. To be free of guilt and shame is worth it.

Sometimes we won’t believe it until we see it and that’s fine. All that matters is we see it. The truth hurts but it’s also one of the most life-transforming medicine there is! One day you will wake up smiling for no reason and everyone around you will question the reason for your new-found happiness. There is no need to try and answer their questions, at least not until the time of healing has fully taken root. Enjoy the joy and peace that comes with being emotionally healed.

It’s not about others but it’s about you! Stop being afraid and ashamed of your life’s journey. It happens to all of us. People say you changed. And I say Yes and no. Yes, because we are ever-changing, and No, because others only saw the version of myself, that I presented daily.

Ultimately, the journey of healing emotionally won’t ever begin until you make the decision to face yourself. And facing the person you have become while telling yourself the truth will be the hardest thing you must do to begin. However, it won’t the only hard thing you will have to face on the journey. On the journey of healing you will face your fears, doubts, toxic attitudes and you will want to dismiss some of these but you must face each one head on.

The courage and strength to heal emotionally is within each of us. The problem is we don’t allow that strength to surface and so we run from ourselves daily, seeking what we carry inside.