Are You Boxed In?

The moment you realize that you have allowed yourself to be placed in a box by society, family, friends and even by your own self; is the moment you have to decide do I want to stay in this box or do I want to break free and live up to the highest potential. The potential your heavenly Father placed on the inside of you at birth. The potential he waiting and hoping for you to release to this world and to make your mark. The potential that will tell this world there is a God and he loves you so much that he created you unique.

There is not another person on the face of this earth like you. No one has the same fingerprint as you. No one walks like you or talks like you do. No one looks like you. They may have similarities but when you get to the heart of the matter there is only one you. You were not meant to be like any other person. We were born to compliment each other. We weren’t made to copy each other or even to compete with each other.

Society and cultural upbringing has conditioned us into thinking that we all have to look alike, sound alike, and walk alike. If you do not conform to this view of living you are considered as odd. In an ever changing world. Don’t lose sight of who God created you to be. Get to know the person God sent into the earth for such a time as this.

Step out of that imaginary box and explore your God given gifts and talents, pursue your life with purpose and discover the God of the universe. The one who loves you and has the best of everything in life for you. The one that sent his son Jesus to die on a cross so you can be free from everything that is holding you back from being that butterfly waiting to emerge.