Be Not Conformed to This World

As Christians we are commanded to leave this world’s way of thinking and doing things and become transformed by renewing our minds.

This is easier said than done because our worldly view is so engraved in us that it can be difficult to change and shift our mindsets. And so many of us fail miserably at this.

This renewing of the mind is not suppose to be done in our own strength. Is it any wonder we always fall short when it comes to changing our behavior 😂

We have all been trying to change our mindsets on our own while the Holy Spirit who is our helper, comforter, guide etc, sits on the inside of our spiritual lives ❤️ relaxing.

The only way we are going to stop struggling with our mindset is to turn it over to our helper, the one who was sent along side us to shows us all things. We will always struggle to leave behind a worldly view when we try in our own strength.

The Holy Spirit is our helper for everything we could think of but he needs our permission to help us. The choice to continue to struggle or ask for help is ours.
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