Challenge yourself In every area of life…..

What a week it was!! When you think your gifting is pretty much dead and your creative juices doesn’t flow like they use to in the past; you are beyond frustrated but then you are invited to join a challenge, a writing challenge. When I say I wrote my butt off this week I am still looking for it.

Everyday was a different subject matter, that both got you writing stronger but caused you to dig deeper into yourself. Write on the subject matter and return it before the day ended or it would be rejected.

Well by day 3 of the challenge you had to dig deep within yourself to write on that day’s challenge topic. Day 5 was the kicker. A letter to your future self! This was a chance to see how view your future. Man I got to tell you my future is so bright. Talk about writing the vision and making it plain.

Do you enjoy writing but need to get your creative juices flowing, or maybe you just want to challenge yourself… well I would recommend the writing made simple challenge. Be prepared to write in a way you never wrote before. Give yourself a challenge. You will be surprised at the outcome.

One thing I learned this week is to never silence your inner critic. You need to evict it. Something that’s silenced will regain its voice eventually. Once you evict something there is no returning. It has to find a new home to live.

What are some things you need to evict from your life? Whatever it is, make a decision about it and stick with your decision. #dontlookbackforgeahead.
I am back with a vengeance… stay tuned.
New challenge starts in August. Did I mention it’s a free challenge.
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