Emerging Butterfly

I was told my smile will draw others to Christ. So funny how God works. The one thing I used as a child to cover my pain is what God chose to use. I am glad that I no longer have to smile to cover my pain. my smile has become a permanent fixture because I learned along the way to be me no matter how difficult that maybe. I developed a confidence in myself along the way and bloomed into this person. Not perfect, but still not where I once was. I learnt not everyone will understand me or see me for who I am, or even love me for who I am. That’s ok.

I have learned to accept when others don’t see me and just because I may not be valuable in their eyes doesn’t take away the value I see in myself. In this life I had to let go of the opinions and labels I allowed others to place on me and even the labels I placed on myself. I had to learn self love in order to get to this place mentally. I am still in process because God is still shaping me into his perfect image.

As I step forward in faith to uncharted waters I can only pray that my life will impact someone who may not see themselves as valuable or something of worth. I give myself away so he can use me. In giving yourself away you discover a joy like no other.

In surrendering your all you must have a made up mind to stand no matter what. You will be talked about, you will be pushed over, you will be lied on, you will be misunderstood, your past will try to keep you bound, your present will try to dictate your future and your future will seem delayed. This is all part of the crushing God has on your life. To bring about your purpose.

Mistakes will happen, keep movimg forward. You will Fall, get up keep moving. Don’t give the enemy power over your destiny. God has that and he says it’s good.