Hope During a Time of Crisis

In March 2020, the world faced a viral outbreak called COVID-19. This virus spread quickly and is currently responsible for thousands of deaths across the globe. Medical personnel race to create a vaccination, as Covid-19 cases adds up. Panic in the hearts of the human race accelerated. Businesses and schools were closed, cities are quarantined, borders are closed to visitors. The hospitals struggled to cope with the rising number of patients and dwindling supplies such as masks and ventilators. The information presented daily from the various media houses do not offer much hope. But the faith and the strength of the human spirit is seen in the midst quarantine.

In times of crisis the church offered a place of solace and comfort. This time around is no different. The Church will always be a beacon of hope shining through the darkest cloud. Is it  challenging for the church to combat the darkness? Yes, because houses of worship were forced to stream their services entirely online. Some churches for not prepared for all of this technology and had to catch up quickly.

Social Distancing is now a huge part of our daily lives as we are encouraged to stay at least six feet apart from each other. The church is now forced to come up with new ideas to continue touching the masses. Its a new normal for us all, there is no going back. The hope that the body of Christ represents is carrying us through this storm. God has said he will never leave us not forsake us and for so many this promise is the only thing that is carrying us through.

A world without experiencing the joys of the human touch is no world at all. The sense of touch draws people closer together. It’s for this reason babies are place on their mothers bare skin at birth. The touch of mom’s skin against her crying new born, helps her baby to calm down. Hugs are super important in helping us as humans feel connected to each other. After so many months of not touching, folks were happy for the rays of the summer months. The outdoors gradually reopens and the summer season kissed our faces with renewed hope.

Seeing the smiles on each other’s faces during zoom calls and hearing the laughter on phone calls kept the connection intact. But, there is NOTHING liking getting a hug or even seeing a friend in person. While, hugging is still not advisable at the moment, seeing each other in person is the best reward we could ever receive. Masks are now a requirement for worship services, but the reward out weighs the discomfort.