Authenticity and Transformation are Two peas in a Pod

If we all can get to the place of acknowledging the truth of our past while living in full Transparency we would be able to trust the outcome of what it means to be truly authentic.

2007 and 2020 is a 13-year journey of HEALING. 2007 the year I figured out I was depressed but couldn’t express that to others because what would they think.

The girl who encouraged everyone around her but felt like such a failure. It was a slow crawl letting go of the anger inside. It was a slow crawl releasing people who I allowed to take advantage of my kind heart. It was a slow crawl to forgive those same people while still expressing God in me.

It was a slow crawl and even now it’s still a slow crawl to hold on to that freedom. One thing I discovered is that your past will always be calling out to you. Your past doesn’t want to let you go.

Being truthful and Transparent allows me to trust God with this journey of helping others see it’s possible to be free. How you may ask? By surrendering to who God says you are. It’s a daily decision to trust God and take him at his words.

In trusting God the limits of your struggles will be exposed, however staying committed no matter what will release the weight you are carrying both mentally and physically.

Truth – I rejected myself to embrace what everyone wanted me to be!

Transparency – I blame others because it was easier than facing the truth

Trust – God’s love is more important than the approval of others. I can trust the ones in my life because I trusted God first.

Authenticity and transformation are two peas in a pod. The transformation we achieve will always be short-lived where there is no authenticity. When I think about being Authentic, I think about everything that defines who I am on the inside. We spend so much of our time on earth trying to fit everyone’s idea of who we should be that we never spend time getting to know ourselves at the core.

God created each of us with our own distinct DNA and personality, yet we neglect our uniquness to become cheap copies of each otherr. when we discover who we are on the inside, we will begin to live in true authenticity by trusting the person God created us to be.