The Blind Spot

Knowing our blind spots is crucial to living a life of victory. Your blindspots are areas in your life that you are lacking or that’s weak.

E.g one area where I had a blind spot was in the area of friendships. Friendships were out of balance because I held back on my thoughts for fear of losing a friend. This produces a toxic environment in my friendships, which lead to breakups and created a wound.

I then had to heal from a wound that should have never been created. The fear of losing a friend created an issue and I still lost a friend. The root of this blindspot is rejection. Whenever we fear being rejected we conform ourselves so that others won’t hurt us. It’s called self-preservation.

We will experience hurt in life, it’s a given. But understanding who you are is vital to bouncing back from a place of hurt. I spent years shedding the conformity mindset that developed trying not to be my authentic self. It’s easier to lose something than it is to find it. Discover your blindspot by spending time getting to know you! Drop a ❤️ or 🦋 if you have ever been there before. (at New York, New York)