The Struggle is Real

This is the part no one speaks about in the life of a butterfly. We often hear about the change happening in the chrysalis and then the butterfly breaking from the chrysalis and flying off into the sunrise or sunset.

The how is often given a slight pass but “the how’ is very much important as the change that took place inside the chrysalis. The butterfly while in the chrysalis developing its new identity accumulated so much liquid from the goop inside, that it cannot simply break free from the chrysalis.

The excess liquid in its body must somehow be forced out of the body and into its wings, activating the strength it needs to fly. The butterfly is much bigger than the chrysalis that it is housed in, but this too is for a purpose. While emerging the butterfly much struggle to free itself from this confined space.

The struggle of emerging forces the excess liquid from the body into the wings with each frustrating movement. The struggle is purposeful to the health of the butterfly. If someone were to help the butterfly so it could be free faster they would inadvertently cripple its ability to fly.

A creature that was meant for the sky would be forced to crawl on the floor like the old identity that died in the chrysalis. A butterfly in this state would die prematurely never experiencing the freedom of the sky.

The struggle you are currently experiencing is the only reason you will be able to fly. Though your struggle may be long and painful, it’s necessary for the gift of flight. Fight on