This man

Jesus is the center of my joy. All that is good and perfect comes from him.
He is my hope, my stay, my confidant, my guide, my Protection, my friend.

There is no one like Jesus…every twist and turn along the way he is there.. every disappointment he is there.. every trial he is there every frustration he is there every tear he is there.. he understands and sees all.
He knows the beginning from the end and he walks with me in the middle…I love that he is will never leave me or forsake me… I love the fact he thinks I am special.. I love the fact that he makes me feel how special I am… I love that man from Galilee… he has taken away my sins and let the Holy Ghost come in.. I love him I love him. This man who walks on water, who speaks to the winds and the waves and they must obey.

This man who heals the sick and raise the dead and puts the enemy in his place. This man who defied death and walked away like the boss he is. This man who is so great and mighty and powerful but chose to suffer for me so I can be free. And with all his greatness still chose to live inside of me. A deeply flawed individual but despite my flaws tell me I am his.

How can I not love this man. When I am at the edge about to fall he runs to the rescue. He cheers for me from within, from beside me and even from above me. Omg I could go on and on. Reality is his love is what captives me, his love overwhelms me, his love gives me drive to keep going when I can’t see the end.