Vapour in the wind

Each day as we awake the many schedules and projects and the million other things which need to be accomplished for that day flood our thoughts  and we begin to stress because we don’t know how we are going to get everything done before the day is over. So busy are we with life’s cares and demands we never stop to smell the roses or to look at a butterfly and how intricately painted are the colors of its wings.

How  quickly life can be taken from us; vapors in the wind that you can’t really see with the naked eyes unless it is a chilly day. we breathe in air and don’t even realize we are breathing until we cant breathe because some obstruction, or someone causes you to catch a breathe for a brief second and you realize you are breathing and it was just interrupted.

No we don’t think about breathing, just like death is the furthest thing from our mind, because we take for granted the very breath that is loaned to us by the creator of the universe. A breath that can be taken without a moments notice. Death is the unmentioned word in every home until it chooses to become mentioned by interrupting our daily routines and we are forced to realize that we have to travel the death highway one day. just when that is; no one knows for sure.

think about GOD and his love for his creation about what comes after your breathe is taken from your body like a vapor in the wind. GOD wants to pour his love on us even more but with a condition. you have to make Jesus the lord of your life. Its easy. repent: turn away from wrong doing, confess: tell Jesus you are sorry for such wrong doings, Accept: tell him to come into your life and change you ad let him take control of your life. you wont regret it.