We are often unaware of our strengths because majority of the time our weakness are front and center for the world to see.

Our focus on the weakness in ourselves and in the lives of others blocks us from seeing each other. We then are unable to appreciate who we are deep inside and the treasures we carry.

So, welcome on this journey of transformation where we are both learning to appreciate our weaknesses, while allowing our strengths to finally be placed on  display for all to see

Writing has always been a passion of mine and my way of making sense of this world but I am also a person who loves listening to and encouraging others on this journey of life. When we listen to each other, we gain clarity and we also learn to value each other more. 

I became a mentor in the lives of broken people unintentionally as I listened and also shared my own story of brokenness. Life is so much better when we know we are not alone in our struggles.

I gained freedom by sharing and in being vulnerable. Vulnerability is a powerful thing. It teaches us about our hidden strengths while exposing the lies that keep us in bondage to so many things


I am a Citizen of heaven, a child of the most high KING, an Author and Speaker. I use my gift of writing and my heart for people to mentor the broken through Love.

I am a woman on a  journey of becoming all that God created me to be. I am not alone on this journey, we have each other.  I am happy to share with you the lessons I have learned when I hid myself away, trapped in a cage. A caged life too afraid to step out but I am free

This cage I have renamed, as my transformation. This cage was and still is my transformation chamber.  We are ever changing and discovering different parts of ourselves. In this chamber we go from being caterpillars into beautiful Butterflies. 

Sharing my Scars for the honor and Glory of God. Everything I am is because I am loved and known by Jesus Christ my savior. My identity is in him and so is yours.

We are all mentors in some type of way. We are teaching others and they are teaching us with their lives daily. Each lesson is an opportunity for us to grow and change our perspectives on what it means to be human beings in this ever changing world. We uniquely created and uniquely gifted. God sees us, God loves us.