Have you ever taken an honest look at yourself and the different experiences life allowed you walk through and questioned the reason for them all? Have you had that soul-searching look within yourself only to discover there are secrets hidden beneath the surface?

In Caged: Your Scars His Purpose, the author takes a journey of self-introspection and discovers something unbelievable that will lead her to the One person who can work everything out for good. Life's experiences shape us into the people we are today, and teach us many lessons. We must share these valuable lessons with others walking the same paths we once navigated. Orencia's shares her own life story of self-discovery to empower you to be able to share your story with others and bring healing and deliverance from secret pains you carry. 

Find out what happens when Jaime and Sam decide to play Lifeguards in this hilarious story about having an overactive imagination.

What's the point of submitting to God if it's just going to lead to more pain as He crushes our reliance on self and on others? With every trail He allows us to walk through He strips away our pride and the things that would cause us to become gods in our own eyes. The secret of Brokenness takes a look into the crushing of life and the results of a life that survived the crushing process. How long is the process? why must we go through the process? what happens if we interrupt our process? These are just a few of the questions that are tackled in the book.